The Russian division of the Bang&Bonsomer (international group of companies) switched to 1C:ERP without any loss to business or delays in deliveries thanks to the professional approach of Cinimex specialists.
The growth of Bang&Bonsomer, the promotion of a new corporate philosophy, and the simultaneous obsolescence of an automated system led the company to introduction of a new software product 1C:ERP.
Cinimex was chosen as a partner to develop the new ERP system due to 11 years of successful cooperation with Bang&Bonsomer. The project involved modeling all the company’s business processes despite the tight deadlines.
“The modern 1C:ERP software product allowed us to optimize the enterprise operations and obtain concrete results, for example, reduce the time required to prepare a number of documents by 90%, and lead time by 15-20% and etc.” comments Andrey Guryev, Cinimex Director on Automation enterprise management systems, - Regarding the solution implementation, we integrated the 1C:ERP system with other corporate systems through the corporate data bus (ESB).The adapter we developed for ESB carried out the exchange with the new ERP system”.
The new system was fully integrated into the corporate IT landscape, including master data management. Simultaneously regulated and IFRS accounting in one database is the uniqueness of the 1C:ERP solution for the company. In addition, Cinimex developed individual settings for access rights in accordance with the Bang&Bonsomer requirements of the data security corporate standards.
Tommi Ekstrand, project manager at Bang&Bonsomer: “I was happy to see how professionally Cinimex and Andrei Guriev’s team handled the project together with our local project team. Especially I would like to thank Cinimex for their flexibility and ability to understand integrations in big picture – including Group needs. Russia is the biggest market for Bang&Bonsomer and therefore the management and the board closely followed the project. We had extremely tight schedule from the beginning but managed to start using 1C:ERP without any delays for our business. I am happy to continue our long co-operation in next 1C:ERP implementations”.
The project was carried out by an international team and under the supervision of Bang&Bonsomer IT management (ICT Steering Committee). The project was completed remotely: the team was located in different cities from Helsinki to Voronezh.