Cinimex in close cooperation with “RSHB-Inteh” implemented several large projects for the Russian Agricultural Bank: company ensured seamless transition to a new core banking system without related systems significant increment together with the parallel implementation of a new modernized integration platform (MIP) of the Bank.
At the time of gradual change in the banking system and due to significant increase in information flows, the Russian Agricultural Bank needed to revise the overall integration platform architecture.
“The modernization of the bank’s integration platform was related to outdated integration bus replacement for a modern one, - said Nikolai Ulyanov, Director of the information technology department at the Russian Agricultural Bank, - Thanks to MIP implementation we together with Cinimex met the challenge of doubling the platform load capacity and significantly reduced the updating cost of dozens of bank systems during the migration to the new core banking system”.
In particular the work of Cinimex and “RSHB-Inteh” project team was focused on the message routine system (including the New Integration Bus (NIB) and the formation of routing control center); workstation with a centralized configuration management system; NIB local router; technological multiple device adapters; extended logging and alerts systems.
“Initially, Cinimex participated in the MIP architectural vision development, and subsequently the Agricultural Bank entrusted us with its implementation. Due to our expertise we provided the joint work of the old and new platforms at a fairly long transitional stage without degradation of service and productivity,” - comments Maxim Matrenichev, Deputy Director for Key Clients and Partners of Cinimex, - “We implemented new solutions bundled with compatibility adapters, nontrivial message routing scheme between platforms, services of transparent messages “interception” in the old format and their instantaneous conversion”.
Plans are to carry out the integration flows transfer from the previous platform to the MIP, the development of platform functionality through an improved logging system and an increase in overall performance. In addition, Cinimex will continue to develop new services for new core banking systems.