In two months Cinimex specialists carried out a full range of work to ensure the availability of open APIs at Gazprombank: from the solution architecture development itself to the all-necessary documentation preparation to put the system into operation.
“We entrusted the project implementation to the Cinimex team due to the number of parameters: the necessary competencies availability, a live projects portfolio, experience in meeting the requirements for enterprise architecture and information security, as well as deep understanding of Gazprombank’s IT infrastructure” – commented Ekaterina Frolovicheva, Vice-President – Head of Department on Information and Technology Innovation of Gazprombank.
Due to its extensive experience, Cinimex solved customer’s tasks and met all the Bank’s information security requirements. IBM API Connect was chosen as the platform for building the solution.
“Functioning services that allow filling out applications for Gazprombank loan products through various partner channels is the result of our joint work. The system has already processed several hundred thousand different applications received through these channels. The future plans are to develop the API system with the business partners’ participation and to increase the number of services provided” – continued Ekaterina Frolovicheva.
“At the first stage of the project, it was important to show with a living example how open APIs work in the Bank, so the system was launched into operation with some non-functional limitations. Despite this, the solution now can withstand a serious load. Next step we plan to develop the system to the target architecture by ensuring the scalability and disaster tolerance due to the future connection of new partners and the predicted number of services growth” – said Olga Makhaeva, Cinimex Key Account Manager.
In addition, Cinimex plans to migrate the system to a new version of the IBM API Connect product, which has undergone numerous functional and architectural changes.