The project for the transition to the new version of the Bank of Russia Client’s automated workstation software has been transferred to the testing stage.
Two years ago, the Central Bank notified banks about the need to switch to a new version of an automated electronic document exchange system in accordance with a set of unified electronic banking message formats. According to Bank of Russia Inter-regional Center of Information Processing letter, the system should provide messages signing by encryption and authentication in the format and protocols that meet the Bank of Russia requirements. The vulnerability of the current system (confirmed by allegations of funds theft via the Bank of Russia Client’s automated workstation) was the reason to start the process.
The transition process, as required, was completed on June 28, 2019.

Raiffeisenbank proceeded with the transfer of the electronic messages signing from the Bank of Russia Client’s automated workstation (CAW) to the Automated Client Systems (ACS) in November 2017. At the same time Cinimex team launched the project.

“Solution includes two main parts: module of validation/ signing of messages on three possible UFEBS protecting options and managing and operation controlling CAW of this module. The solution implemented on the .Net platform with sufficient performance for signing both individual messages and packages. CAW is developed on Angular 5+ Spring as a branded web application. With the built-in role model it can control the working modules configuration, monitor the input and output streams status, record the errors facts and display the relevant information to the administrator in real time mode” - commented on Maxim Matrenichev, deputy director for work with key clients and partners.

The main challenge for the development team was the solution testing procedure. “In fact, testing could only be carried out according to one scenario, in which the response part was available only to banks on a tight schedule and was located in the Bank of Russia itself. Before the transfer to the customer, we could only debug the code algorithmically; it was impossible to work out the actual test script on our own. But we did it”, - said Vladimir Kryukov, lead project manager at Cinimex.

According to Dmitry Generalov, product manager at Raiffeisenbank, the errors in the crypto module identified during the tests were not critical (for example, the message format in the test package changed, etc.). “According to the results of the tests, our users still have a few wishes for the SAW, for example, to improve its interface and service functionality, which, as Cinimex specialists assured, will be implemented as soon as possible,” he said.
Willingness of Raiffeisenbank to immediately begin fulfilling the Bank of Russia requirements and Cinimex specialists’ efficiency in choosing a solution allows customer to switch to the new version of software in working order.