Industrial Cyber Immunity Was Discussed at INNOPROM

An agreement on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was signed at the International Industrial Trade Fair “Innoprom”.

“The agreement is unique both for Russia and the global market. I’m speaking on behalf of “Adaptive Production Technologies” (Aprotech) – a subsidiary of Kaspersky Lab. We came up with the term “cyber immunity” way before the pandemic. We first talked about it to the public in early 2019, and we are excited about Cinimex becoming our partner in this field. We are going to monetize industrial data, which so far has basically been a dead weight, it isn’t put to use,” commented Aprotech’s CEO Andrey Suvorov.

The technology in question is a data gateway, which ensures protection from external attacks. It was designed with an eye to present-day cyber threats, which means that you won’t need any additional anti-virus software or device control. A scenario of integration between metal-working machinery and a Russian ERP system across a cyber immune gateway was presented at Innoprom on the joint stand of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and KUKA Roboter and 1С stands.

“Digital transformation of industrial facilities is underpinned by a new level of data, sourced directly from the equipment. We are talking about directly connecting field equipment with network platforms, which can be Russian or international. With a secure gateway, the risks of unsanctioned access to equipment reduce substantially. Demand for this technology will be high all around the world, as we are seeing increasingly more attempts to get control of industrial equipment using new digital services,” explained Suvorov. “Today, most of the software systems are designed to be protected externally. This means heavy expenses. Cyber immunity is a new generation of cyber security. The solution is initially designed to withstand cyber-attacks.”

Cinimex’s connectivity team started collaborating on pilot projects with “Adaptive Production Technologies” two years ago. Now the partners declare they are ready to move on to the commercial implementation, which was embodied in the agreement. The cooperation between the two engineering companies will be focused on quick adaptation and development of end-to-end digital services with an emphasis on cyber immune connection of technological elements and integration of industrial and corporate network domains.

“Access to industrial data opens massive opportunities, we are ushering a brand new era of industrial management and process optimization unlike anything we have ever seen before,” says Cinimex’s CEO Andrey Sykulev.


Origin: RG.RU
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