Cinimex Partners With SAS

Cinimex signed a partnership agreement with SAS, a leading business analytics company. SILVER level partnership with SAS will offer new opportunities for analytical solutions.

“Cinimex’s strategy for market expansion is based not only on seeking new niches beyond Finance, our traditional sector, but also we intend to build new partnerships among the largest vendors. SAS has a major tech stack, but what is truly important for us is their AI and machine-learning solutions. Thus, the flagship platform SAS Viya comes with all the tools required for an AI project – from data pre-processing and joint hypothesis testing to model optimization and further integration into the client’s business processes,” commented Vyacheslav Fokin, Cinimex’s Key Account Director.

Additionally, the platform’s pre-configured algorithms and neural networks with automatic selection of hyper-parameters enables optimization of both development time for the project team, and costs of integrating the solution with pre-existing infrastructure.

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