Cinimex Becomes Authorized Partner of Astra Linux

Cinimex was awarded the status of official partner of Astra Linux Group – leading manufacturer of software, secure operating systems and virtualization platforms. Astra Linux products can be seamlessly integrated into any IT infrastructure, they are reliable and user-friendly.

“In the recent years, we see growing demand for domestic software due to the national policies for import substitution. Credit institutions, government organizations, energy, transport, telecommunication and several other sectors are gradually switching to the products from the Register of domestic software. All Astra Linux products have proven themselves well on the market, and they are listed on the Register, which makes them appropriate for import substitution. Cooperation with Astra Linux will enable Cinimex to expand our portfolio of integration products with solutions based on domestic platforms. This is a great strategic pathway that will win us new customers,” commented Vyacheslav Fokin, Cinimex’s CCO.

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